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Technology Entrepreneurship (MPTE)   

Program Title and Classification

Technology Entrepreneurship

Graduate Degree Program

College: Engineering


The Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship unites academic insights with startup incubator skills and resources to empower students to launch and grow technology ventures. Developed by the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), University of Maryland, the MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship is a fully online program designed to equip students with a conceptual understanding of the principles and action steps of effective new venture creation and launch.


The MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship prepares students to apply newly gained insights and acquired competencies to real-world innovation management challenges across five major stages of the innovation value chain from strategy development and idea generation to commercial concept and product development and successful market establishment, as well as sustainable growth in various contexts.          


The MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship is committed to teaching the disciplines of entrepreneurial thinking that produce not just entrepreneurial inspirations but an entrepreneurial frame of mind. Courses are offered during 12-week terms; students complete course work in 11 weeks; week 12 is reserved for finals. The 30-credit, 9-course graduate program may be completed in as little as 15 months by enrolling in two 3-credit courses in the first four 12-week terms and a 6 credit capstone course in the final term.


Offered through the convenience and flexibility of the online learning environment, the program enables student to:


  • Think beyond current paradigms in order to discover innovation needs and to envision impact through strategic idea and concept development (Term 1).
  • Leverage ideas to create sustainable business models aligned with customer needs and wants in competitive marketplaces (Term 2).
  • Manage commercialization challenges and market launch efficiently and effectively (Term 3).
  • Navigate the legal aspects of product development and company launch and build sound financial and accounting strategies and practices (Term 4).
  • Know how to accelerate growth and create sustainable value through appropriate business development, risk management, financing, and value extraction strategies (Term 5).

Admissions Information

General Requirements:


Program-Specific Requirements:

  • CV/Resume


*Visa Eligibility: This program is not eligible for I-20 or DS-2019 issuance by the University of Maryland.

For complete Admission Information, please visit:


Admitted students participate 100% as online students. Immigration documents (F1 or J1 student visas or an I-20) are NOT required or issued for this fully online program. In addition to the above minimum qualifications, international students and applicants with foreign credentials have additional requirements per the Office of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS). For additional requirements, please visit:

For more admissions information or to apply to the program, please visit our Graduate School website:

Application Deadlines

Type of Applicant FallSpring
Domestic Applicants:
US Citizens and Permanent Residents
15 Jun15 Dec
International Applicants:
F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visas
A,E,G,H,I and L visas and immigrants.
15 Jun15 Dec

Other Deadlines: Please visit the program website at

Degree Requirements

Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.)

Total CreditsCore Requirements

Non-thesis only: 30 credits required

Required courses:

ENES 662: Innovative Ideas and Concept Development (3)

ENES 663: Strategies for Managing Innovation (3)

ENES 664: Business Modeling and Customer Validation (3)

ENES 665: Innovative Thinking (3)

ENES 666: Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing (3)

ENES 667: Market Development and Commercialization (3)

ENES 670: Financial Management and New Venture Financing (3)

ENES 671: Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship (3)

ENES 672: Launching Technology Startup Ventures (6)



Contact Statement

For more information, please contact the program at



Office of Extended Studies

0132 Main Administration Building

University of Maryland

College Park MD, 20742

Telephone: 301-405-7762


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Corporate Innovation (MPCI)

Technology Entrepreneurship (Z103)