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Mechanical Engineering (PMME)   

Program Title and Classification

Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Degree Program

College: Engineering


The Professional Master of Engineering program is designed to assist engineers and technical professionals in the development of their careers and to provide the expertise needed in the rapidly changing business, government, and industrial environments. Late afternoon, evening, and 100% online classes are taught by the College Park faculty and experienced adjunct faculty at the College Park campus and designated learning centers in Maryland. For domestic students the program can be completed on a part-time basis, however international students must be enrolled full time.

Admissions Information

General Requirements:

Program-Specific Requirements:

  • Letters of Recommendation (3)

Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 may be admitted on a provisional basis if they have demonstrated satisfactory performance in another graduate program and/or their work has been salutary.

Applicants with foreign credentials must submit academic records in the original language with literal English translations. Allow at least three months for evaluation of foreign credentials. International applicants are advised to review the Graduate School English requirements to learn whether or not the submission of TOEFL or IELTS scores is required.

Full admission as a degree seeking student requires the following prerequisites:

  • A bachelor's degree, GPA of 3.0 or better, in civil and environmental, mechanical, chemical and biomolecular engineering from an accredited institution
  • Completion of calculus I, II, and II, differential equations, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Specialization in general mechanical engineering also requires courses in strength of materials and structural mechanics.
  • Completed applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the department website for more information. 

For more admissions information or to apply to the program, please visit our Graduate School website: 

Application Deadlines

Type of Applicant FallSpring
Domestic Applicants:
US Citizens and Permanent Residents
26 July15 Dec
International Applicants:
F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visas
A,E,G,H,I and L visas and immigrants.
15 Mar29 Sep

Other Deadlines: Please visit the program website at

Degree Requirements

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Total CreditsCore Requirements

Non-thesis only: 30 credits required

Students choose one of the two focus areas and take five core courses and five electives from that area. Electives must be approved by their advisor. 


General Mechanical core course options:

ENME 600: Engineering Design Methods (3 credits)

ENME 605: Advanced Systems Control (3 credits)

ENME 607: Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management (3 credits) or ENRE 671: Risk Assessment in Engineering (3 credits)

ENME 610: Engineering Optimization (3 credits)

ENME 631: Advanced Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer (3 credits)

ENME 632: Advanced Convection Heat Transfer (3 credits)

ENME 640: Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (3 credits)

ENME 662: Linear Vibrations (3 credits)

ENPM 652: Applied Finite Element Methods (3 credits)

ENPM 671: Advanced Mechanics of Materials (3 credits)

ENME 690: Mechanical Fundamentals of Electronic Systems (3)

ENME 712: Measurement, Instrumentation and Data Analysis for Thermo-Fluid Processes (3 credits)

Energy and The Environment core course options:

ENME 647: Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer (3 credits)

ENPM 621: Heat Pump and Refrigeration Systems Design Analysis (3 credits)

ENPM 622: Energy Conversion I - Stationary Power (3 credits)

ENPM 623: Control of Combustion Generated Air Pollution (3 credits)

ENPM 624: Renewable Energy Applications (3 credits)

ENPM 625: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Buildings (3 credits)

ENPM 626: Waste to Energy Conversion (3 credits)

ENPM 627: Environmental Risk Analysis (3 credits)

ENPM 635: Thermal Systems Design Analysis (3 credits)

ENPM 651: Heat Transfer for Modern Application (3 credits)

ENPM 654: Energy Systems Management (3 credits)

ENPM 656: Energy Conversion II -- Mobile Power (3 credits)



Facilities and Special Resources

Courses in the Professional Master of Engineering program are currently offered on the College Park campus, at off-campus centers via video-teleconferencing, and 100% online. The Clark School of Engineering’s Distance Education Technology and Services (DETS) office administers a live interactive distance education system and webcast course capture for students to take courses as they are happening or at a time convenient for their schedule. Remote sites around the State of Maryland where our courses can be taken live via DETS are at the Universities at Shady Grove in Montgomery County, the University Center of Northeastern Maryland in Harford County, and the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in St. Mary’s County. In addition to lecture dissemination, DETS provides state-of-the-art chat, bulletin board, video chat, group presentation, and discussion technologies that give our distance students the same, if not more access to faculty and their fellow students.

The Clark School’s Engineering Information Technology group also provides access to needed software and computer resources through dedicated virtual computer terminals that allow distance students full access to licensed software, libraries, databases, and specialized programs.

Financial Assistance

Students in this program pay a special tuition rate, which does not differ between residents and non-residents of Maryland. This rate is not fully covered by graduate assistantships, fellowships or the tuition remission. Additional graduate student fees are charged. Tuition and fees are subject to change.


This program does not provide departmental assistantships or fellowships. Loans, work-study and need-based grants for citizens and permanent residents with demonstrated financial need may submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by appropriate FAFSA deadlines.



Anna Damm, Coordinator for Admission and Recruitment

2105 J.M. Patterson Building

University of Maryland

College Park MD, 20742

Telephone: 301-405-7200


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