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More WMST Faculty Information

Women's Studies (WMST)   

Program Title and Classification

Women's Studies

Graduate Degree Program

College: Arts and Humanities


Women’s Studies offers an interdisciplinary and integrative program of study leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Students will be expected to develop a thorough grounding in the new scholarship on women; acquire an understanding of gender as a category of analysis; analyze and assess theories about the role of gender in systems of hierarchy and its intersection with other categories of difference, such as race, ethnicity, religion, class, sexuality, disability, and age; develop competence in women’s studies theories, research methods, and pedagogy, including issues related to women’s diversity nationally and globally; and achieve competence in a selected area of specialization.

Admissions Information

General Requirements:

Program-Specific Requirements:

  • Letters of Recommendation (3)
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • CV/Resume
  • Publications/Presentations
  • Writing Sample: 10 pages maximum

For more admissions information or to apply to the program, please visit our Graduate School website: 

Application Deadlines

Type of Applicant Fall
Domestic Applicants:
US Citizens and Permanent Residents
1 Dec
International Applicants:
F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visas
A,E,G,H,I and L visas and immigrants.
1 Dec

Other Deadlines: Please visit the program website at

Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Total CreditsCore RequirementsSpecialization Options

Thesis option: 31 credits 

Non-thesis option: 31 credits 

WMST 601: Approaches to Women's Studies I (3 credits)

WMST 602: Approaches to Women's Studies II (3 credits)

WMST 618: Feminist Pedagogy (3 credits)

WMST 621: Feminist Theories and Women's Movements: Genealogies (3 credits)

WMST 628: Women's Studies Colloquium (3 credits)

Thesis option: Students must pass the General Exam and pass the 2-year paper with an oral defense.

Non-thesis option: Students must pass the General Exam.


Women's Studies does not have a stand-alone M.A. program. However, on the way to a Ph.D., students who have completed the appropriate coursework may request conferral of a master's degree. Students will begin the graduate program with a sequence of courses that include the required core interdisciplinary courses for a total of 31 credits and finish with either the completion of a thesis or the 'general' examination. This portion of the program stresses interdisciplinary Master's courses offered in the Department of Women's Studies.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Core Requirements

Students entering with a bachelor's degree are required to complete 27 credits of required courses and 27 credits of elective for a total of 54 credits. Students entering with a master's degree in Women's Studies or a graduate certificate in Women's Studies are required to complete 27 credits of required courses and 7 credits of electives. Non-course requirements for all students include passing the General Examination, Second Year Paper, Portfolio Review, Major Field Exam, Prospectus, Dissertation Defense. Students must also demonstrate reading competency in a language other than English, relevant to their course of study.

Required courses:

WMST 601: Approaches to Women's Studies I (3 credits)

WMST 602: Approaches to Women's Studies II (3 credits)

WMST 618: Feminist Pedagogy (3 credits)

WMST 621: Feminist Theories and Women's Movements: Genealogies (3 credits)

WMST 628: Women's Studies Colloquium (3 credits)

WMST 899: Doctoral Dissertation Research (12 credits)


Students' continued participation in the doctoral program is dependent upon the quality of their coursework, research and writing, the completion of an interdisciplinary paper and successfully passing exams. After successfully completing the M.A. portion of the program, students will meet with a committee of advisors to determine the balance of their program of coursework. A full complement of courses is oriented toward two enterprises: 1) developing a major field and passing a major field exam, i.e. an interdisciplinary topical inquiry, that will support the dissertation; and 2) developing the research skills of two methodologies. In addition, students must and demonstrate reading competency in a language other than English, relevant to their course of study. Students entering with a bachelor's degree are required to complete a minimum of 54 credits, including 12 dissertation research credits. Students entering with a graduate certificate in Women's Studies or a master's degree are required to take a minimum of 34 credits, including 12 dissertation research credits.


Facilities and Special Resources

Resources for research in the College Park and Washington D.C. are unsurpassed. The University’s libraries hold around 2,500,000 volumes. In addition to the outstanding holdings of the Library of Congress, the area also offers the specialized resources of the National Archives and Archives II (located on the grounds of the University of Maryland); the Smithsonian Institution; the National Museum of Women in the Arts; and a broad array of public policy organizations and "think-tanks," such as the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Women’s Legal Defense Fund, National Organization for Women, American Association of University Women, Women’s Research and Education Institute, National Women’s Law Center, American Council on Education’s Office of Women in Higher Education, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Center for Policy Alternative’s Women’s Policy and Programs, Center for Women’s Policy Studies, Feminist Majority, General Federation of Women’s Clubs International’s Women’s History and Resources Center, International Center for Research on Women, National Association for Women in Education, Program on the Studies and Education on Women of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and the Union Institute Center for Women, plus the many research and policy institutes with include gender issues as part of their agenda.

The National Women’s Studies Association, the professional association of the discipline is located in Baltimore, and one of the leading scholarly journals in our field, Feminist Studies, is located on our campus. Some graduate students may be able to broaden their experience and enhance the applicability and marketability of their coursework by undertaking internships in these two organizations.

The University of Maryland Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity offers grant-getting potential and otherwise support the research endeavors of faculty in these fields. Grants funded through the Consortium will provide additional funding for Women’s Studies graduate students and invaluable research experience. High enrollment demand in Women’s Studies introductory CORE courses provide yet another opportunity for funding graduate student’s programs of study with teaching assistantships.

Financial Assistance

The Women’s Studies Department awards a small number of recruitment fellowships to selected candidates. Women’s Studies also awards teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and administrative assistantships, are the primary forms of financial aid. These assistantships carry a stipend, benefits, and remission of tuition up to ten credit hours each semester.

Contact Statement

Additional information on admission, degree requirements, and financial aid can be obtained from:



Cliffornia R. Pryor/Program Administrative Specialist

2101 Woods Hall

MD, 20742

Telephone: (301) 405-6877

Fax: (301) 314-9190 ">


Associated Information




women’s studies, feminist theory, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, global feminisms