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Survey Statistics (Z010)   

Program Title and Classification

Survey Statistics

Graduate Certificate Program

College: Behavioral and Social Sciences


Certificates in Survey Methodology and Survey Statistics, offered through the Joint Program in Survey Methodology, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, University of Maryland, will provide post-baccalaureate training for individuals interested in broadening their knowledge and understanding of survey methodology and analysis of data collected through sample surveys.

Admissions Information

Applicants must meet the following minimum admission criteria as established by the Graduate School:

  • Applicants must have earned a four-year baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, or an equivalent degree from a non-U.S. institution.
  • Applicants must have earned a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in all prior undergraduate and graduate coursework.
  • Applicants must provide an official copy of a transcript for all of their post-secondary work.
  • International students must fulfill all requirements relating to international academic credentials, evidence of English proficiency, and financial certification. Since the students will not have to enter the U.S., visas will not be required.  These requirements are found at the Graduate School's Web site:

In addition, the certificates will have the following pre-requisite course requirements:

  • The program assumes that entering students have graduate-level preparation in probability theory, mathematical statistics, and statistical methods. This should be demonstrated through completion of a relevant statistics or biostatistics graduate degree or related coursework. Therefore students should:
  • Have a graduate level degree in statistics or biostatistics from an accredited institution.


  • Have completed graduate level statistics courses equivalent to SURV 410 (graduate-level probability theory course), 420 (graduate-level mathematical statistics course), SURV 615 and SURV 616 (a two-term sequence in statistical methods). To demonstrate satisfaction of this requirement, submit all relevant syllabi for applicable courses.
  • At least one year of work experience in a position dealing with survey or census design, collection, or analysis.

For more admissions information or to apply to the program, please visit our Graduate School website: 

Application Deadlines

Type of Applicant Fall
Domestic Applicants:
US Citizens and Permanent Residents
Please visit the program website
International Applicants:
F (student) or J (exchange visitor) visas
A,E,G,H,I and L visas and immigrants.
Please visit the program webite

Other Deadlines: Please visit the program website at

Degree Requirements

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (P.B.C.)

Total CreditsCore Requirements

18 credits required

SURV 440: Sampling Theory (3 credits)

SURV 625: Applied Sampling or SURV 745 Practical Tools for Sampling and Weighting (3 credits)

SURV 742: Inference from Complex Surveys (3 credits)

SURV xxx: electives (6 credits, must be SURV 620 or higher)

One of the following courses:

SURV 699X: Statistical Analysis with Missing Data (3 credits)

SURV 744: Topics in Survey Methodology (3 credits)

SURV 798B: Small Area Estimation (3 credits)

SURV 798Z: Bayesian Modeling and Inference (3 credits)



Contact Statement

Please contact JPSM at 301-314-7911 or by email or by email to


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